This document is for English-speaking users of Pet Assistant, focusing an elegant and light-weight help page.


Help App

You can modify your birthday, gender and blood type in ‘Me’ and modify your body mass and height in ‘Body Measurements’.

Function Explanation

Red Bar

Red bar represents the overview of both your pet’s health condition and yours, which depends on four aspects:

  • the happiness(daily step count)
  • cleaness level
  • vigour level(depends on your weekly sleep hour)
  • figure type(calculated by BMI)
  • weekly workout times

Yellow Bar

Yellow bar represents the overview of your pet’s happiness level, which depends on whether you have walked him for as many steps as he likes(your everyday goal)


Your pet’s figure and expression vary from different health states.

Home Buttons

Buttons on the bottom are easily to understand and the most right one is a collection of three more buttons:

  • settings
  • graphical analysis
  • info


All foods recorded will be shown here and you can choose other food type by scrolling down the interface and clicking on the icons.

Also, you can add some custom food types by clicking on the ‘Add’ button on the right top.

You can import food name, food type and food calories here.


If you wanna record your workout, you must select one of the default exercise types and then click on the start button. After the workout, you should click on the center button again to record the workout.


After the sleep scene shows up, your friend will not wake up until you touch the alarm.

Data will be saved to HealthKit


Bath time will be directly updated if you click on the bath button.

Info Overview

Info button brings three kinds of info, you can click the cells and expand any of them like the pic below:


Here you can change some of you pets’ data, including its name, its gender and the goal of daily step count.

Also, you can turn on/off the background music and view some info about us.

New pets will be updated soon.

Graphical Analysis

The analysis center shows your health data by graph. You can click on the title to choose the time duration and data type.


If you have anything confused or any good advice for our app, please feel free to contact us:


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